* Visit the “Notices” or “News” tabs.  There is a press release from the Llano County Commissioner’s Court dated January 16, 2019 regarding discontinuing debris removal from the October 2019 flood.  There are many updates and valuable information regarding Lake Lowering, the status of the 2900 bridge construction, and many more flood and debris related issues.  

* MAY 4, 2019 ELECTION UPDATES – Please see the ‘Elections Tab’ for our Municipality Election Updates.  

LLANO FLOOD INFORMATION:  Please see the Llano County Website for our Local Flood Information. Visit http://www.co.llano.tx.us and the information is on their home page.  Highlights include: Donation List, Flood Relief, MARC (Multi-Agency Resource Centers), FEMA Debris removal guidelines, FAQ’s, Disposing of Animal Carcasses, Managing Debris from Declared Disasters, Outdoor Burn Guidance, Public Assistance Debris Management Guide, Flood Disaster Letter and Flood Rebuild Guidelines.

City of Sunrise Beach Village
124 Sunrise Drive
Sunrise Beach Village, Texas 78643-9283

Telephone (325) 388-6438
Fax (325) 388-6973
e-mail: srbv@cityofsunrisebeach.org

Tommy Martin, Mayor
Fred Butler, Mayor pro tem
Hank Gath, Council Member
Dan Gower, Council Member
Mike Byrd, Council Member
Ruth Stanley, Council Member

City Council Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2:30 pm.

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