NEWEST UPDATE TO COVID-19:   Last update issued on 5/19/2020 – Expanding Opening of Texas.  Please continue to visit the informational tabs entitled “news'” and “notices” as information continues to be received from various Federal and State Agencies, County and Municipal Agencies, and the various Health and Disease Control Agencies sharing their expertise.  Thank you for your patience, compliance and most of all everyone’s Safety in assisting to adhere to all recommendations and Orders.  ~ Kindest Regards!     

City Hall is open with normal business hours.  The CDC guidelines will be strictly enforced.  Only two people may enter the office area at one time, the 6′ social distancing requirement shall be maintained and all individuals entering City Hall are requested to wear a mask while inside the building.  The Staff is instructed to ask if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and anyone found to be experiencing any symptoms will be requested to leave the office.  There are many ways the Staff may assist via phone, email or fax so whenever possible you are encouraged  to still adhere to the same safety measures already in place; staying at home, washing your hands, social distancing and sanitizers.  Thank You.


Watering Days for irrigation systems:
Even number addresses:  Thursday & Sunday / Odd number addresses:  Wednesday & Saturday.
Hours:  Midnight to 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to Midnight.

City of Sunrise Beach Village
124 Sunrise Drive
Sunrise Beach Village, Texas 78643-9283

Telephone (325) 388-6438
Fax (325) 388-6973
e-mail: srbv@cityofsunrisebeach.org

Tommy Martin, Mayor
Fred Butler, Mayor pro tem
Hank Gath, Council Member
Dan Gower, Council Member
Mike Byrd, Council Member
Ruth Stanley, Council Member

City Council Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2:30 pm.