Water Department

The Water Department in Sunrise Beach Village is a groundwater system (well water only). The treatment process is that it be properly chlorinated before being sent out into the distribution system, so treatment is easily manageable and low cost. The distribution system itself is fairly old and in need of many upgrades, so that is a priority for the city and department.

Our mission is to help breathe new life into the SBV water system, as well as bring the community a peaceful reassurance that their water system is being taken care of and they’re getting a product they can count on.

There are currently 3 full-time employees and 1 part-time, as needed:

Full-time: Sean Schreiber, Ryan French, Trent Yarter

Part-time: Danyelle Morgan


During business hours (Mon. – Fri., 8 am4 pm): Call Sunrise Beach City Hall at 325-388-6438

After Hours and Holidays: Call Water Supervisor Sean Schreiber at 830-637-9030

Main Water Plant

Additional Information

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