Ordinance 373 for Golf Cart & UTV Operation

Ord. 373 Golf cart + UTV operation

This ordinance went into effect December 17, 2020, repelling previous ordinance #297.  This ordinance applies to the operation of golf carts and UTV’s within the City of Sunrise Beach roadways.  License Plates may be received via the Llano County Texas Motor Vehicle Tax Office. (100 West Sandstone Street, Llano County, Texas.  Phone: 325-247-4165)

Ordinance Number 297 – Golf Cart Operation

Ord. 297 Golf cart operation

Ordinance 297 went into effect on December 14, 2011, repealing Ordinance 288.  The Ord. was posted on same date; however, it was posted in a ‘Word’ format instead of the required “PDF’ and therefore it took a long time to download.

On 12/11/2020, in order to amend the formatting the original posting was deleted and replaced.  THERE WAS NO VERBIAGE CHANGES, between the two posting dates.  Sorry for the inconvenience!