Supreme Court Additional Duties – for Court only

Supreme Court Additional Duties – Court Only – 3-24-2020

Please be advised that all Municipal Court dates have been suspended until further notice.  The Clerk has contacted each individual current Defendant and has advised of same.  However, if you are inquiring regarding warrants, driver’s license suspensions, deferred disposition, or any other matter of the Court, please contact City Hall at 325-388-6438 and request to speak with the Court Clerk.  All current circumstances are being taken under consideration.

Kindly, ~ L.A. Wendling

Declaration of Disaster for the City of Sunrise Beach Village, TX – dated March 19, 2020

Declaration of Disaster March 19, 2020

Please see the City of Sunrise Beach attached Declaration of Disaster.  If you have any questions you may contact City Hall at 325-388-6438 or visit any of the additional websites as listed in the Declaration.

Beginning March 23, 2020 the City will be limited to a skeleton crew, the phones will be answered during regular business hours and the majority of work will be performed on-line.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we attempt to keep our citizens and staff safe and informed!