Offices up for Election in 2022

NOTICE to Run all Year – Info on Offices-Election-Seats

This provides information in relation to our May 7, 2022 Election Deadlines.  If you are interested in running for Council next year, please come by City Hall and speak with Linda A. Wendling.   There are many other committees such as Planning & Zoning, Board of Adjustments, Airport, CCAA, etc. as well. Find what you are interested in and become a volunteer.

Please stop by City Hall for more information.

Order of Election for the May 1, 2021 Municipal Election; Order of Cancellation of Election



The City Council of the City of Sunrise Beach Village Ordered their General Election, to be held on May 1, 2021 at the Sunrise Beach Civic Center

Please view other postings for deadlines; i.e., dates to file for a place on the ballot, election dates and times, deadlines to file for a ballot by mail, etc.  Also, all information is posted at City Hall or you may speak with the Early Voting Clerk, Linda A. Wendling at 325-388-6438.

Order of Cancellation – This Order was passed at the March 18, 2021 Stated Council Meeting due to no contested candidates.

November 2020 Election Schedule/Dates/Times from Llano County

Nov 20′ Election Info from Llano County

*Please note that the Civic Center will only have Election Day voting.  Early voting should be done at the Kingsland Library on the dates/times listed.  If you require additional information you may call the Llano County Elections Office at 325-247-5425 or City Hall at 325-388-6438.

Thank you, L.A. Wendling